Friday, August 30, 2013

Analytics for Twitter 2013 in the lead up to MS TechEd Australia

TechEd Australia is just around the corner and it's always an interesting time to dive into the BI features of Excel, especially with the out of the box Analytics for Twitter 2013. Definitely going to be watching this over the course of next week and using this to get some interesting insights into my own session (but more on that later).

If you haven't already seen the analytic tool here is a current view of the analysis of the query "auteched".

You can get some interesting info already like the fact that most activity is happening around lunch time, which is probably expected but will definitely be interesting to trend this over the course of next week.

My favorite is the geospatial data as it makes for some very interesting and easy to digest visualization.

And an interesting race at the moment is between the iOS and Windows devices (I know which one I hope wins) but still they are both outdone by the Web (and whatever other is).

Ahhhh BI, we can only make guesses without you

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