Friday, March 6, 2015

Two new PowerShell v5 features worth waiting with bated breath or becoming an early adopter for

Recently there were a two new PowerShell v5 Preview features which IMHO are well worth waiting with bated breath for..... or definitely becoming a WMF 5.0 early adopter for :)

The first is the ISE extension for finding and installing modules. This feature takes advantage of the new PowerShellGet module. Best of all the PowerShellGet functionality helps our community overcome the module management problem, and this feature provides an easy to use GUI for discovering modules on community or company repositories.

ISE Module Browser - A new way to manage your PowerShell modules

The second is a static code analyser for PowerShell scripts and modules. Taking a plugin written by a colleague the PowerShell team have now included the functionality in the WMF 5.0 framework (Feb release). This analyses your script against known patterns and practices. Well worth running against your scripts even just to satisfy curiosity, I know I will be.

PowerShell Script Analyzer: Static Code analysis for Windows PowerShell scripts & modules

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