Wednesday, June 10, 2009

When is a Backup Considered Successful?

Yesterday while reading the many industry related newsletters I subscribe to I came across a really good article which is essentially a DBA's "Best Practise" guide for ensuring they have backups available when they need them and that they are successful. I was please to find that there wasn't anything written in this article which I was not already aware of and performing as part of my DBA role. Of cause performing test restores for the ~13000 databases my team manage is not very realist.
I also found that this was a good article for not just the DBA but also for the end user to read and therefore gain an understanding of exactly what is involved in a Recovery / Restore request and therefore assist in setting a realistic expectation.

When is a Backup Considered Successful?
By Steven Bouffard, 2009/06/08 @

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