Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Accidental feature discovery... RDP client

Today I accidentally stumbled across a feature of the latest RDP client (6.3.9600.16384).... typically when using multiple monitors (laptop + DVI monitor) I end up with different resolutions between the monitors and so when I establish a RDP session in full screen it defaults to my main monitor (laptop), so if i wanted it to be full screen on the 2nd monitor I would have to manually set the resolution before connecting.

Well today when I connected in full screen on my main monitor (laptop) I thought "oh well i will live with a smaller window on my 2nd screen" and dragged the RDP window to the 2nd screen which snaps to a smaller window. Then I hit the maximise button to return it to the resolution I connected in and to my amazement it went full screen. And just to prove this was changing resolutions on me I dragged it back to the main monitor and maximised it, and then again to my 2nd monitor.

So it would seem the RDP client is finally able to adjust the resolutions in full screen mode. I had hoped this wasn't far away with the "smart sizing" feature that was introduced a little while ago.

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