Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The evolution of SQLPS CmdLets

The following table contains a list of all of the CmdLets and Functions released with SQLPS over the last few versions and highlights the evolution of the PowerShell support in SQL Server.

SQL 2008 R2 SQL 2012 SQL 2014
Decode-SqlName Add-SqlAvailabilityDatabase Add-SqlAvailabilityDatabase
Encode-SqlName Add-SqlAvailabilityGroupListenerStaticIp Add-SqlAvailabilityGroupListenerStaticIp
Invoke-Sqlcmd Backup-SqlDatabase Add-SqlFirewallRule

Convert-UrnToPath Backup-SqlDatabase

Decode-SqlName Convert-UrnToPath

Disable-SqlAlwaysOn Decode-SqlName

Enable-SqlAlwaysOn Disable-SqlAlwaysOn

Encode-SqlName Enable-SqlAlwaysOn

Get-SqlCredential Encode-SqlName

Invoke-PolicyEvaluation Get-SqlCredential

Invoke-Sqlcmd Get-SqlDatabase

Join-SqlAvailabilityGroup Get-SqlInstance

New-SqlAvailabilityGroup Get-SqlSmartAdmin

New-SqlAvailabilityGroupListener Invoke-PolicyEvaluation

New-SqlAvailabilityReplica Invoke-Sqlcmd

New-SqlCredential Join-SqlAvailabilityGroup

New-SqlHADREndpoint New-SqlAvailabilityGroup

Remove-SqlAvailabilityDatabase New-SqlAvailabilityGroupListener

Remove-SqlAvailabilityGroup New-SqlAvailabilityReplica

Remove-SqlAvailabilityReplica New-SqlBackupEncryptionOption

Remove-SqlCredential New-SqlCredential

Restore-SqlDatabase New-SqlHADREndpoint

Resume-SqlAvailabilityDatabase Remove-SqlAvailabilityDatabase

Set-SqlAvailabilityGroup Remove-SqlAvailabilityGroup

Set-SqlAvailabilityGroupListener Remove-SqlAvailabilityReplica

Set-SqlAvailabilityReplica Remove-SqlCredential

Set-SqlCredential Remove-SqlFirewallRule

Set-SqlHADREndpoint Restore-SqlDatabase

Suspend-SqlAvailabilityDatabase Resume-SqlAvailabilityDatabase

Switch-SqlAvailabilityGroup Set-SqlAuthenticationMode

Test-SqlAvailabilityGroup Set-SqlAvailabilityGroup

Test-SqlAvailabilityReplica Set-SqlAvailabilityGroupListener

Test-SqlDatabaseReplicaState Set-SqlAvailabilityReplica













NOTE: This list was compiled from executing "Get-Command -Module SQLPS" (or similar) on the relevant versions.

In addition to this the SQLPS.exe Utility was introducted in SQL 2008 and is still available however it has been marked for depreciation in future releases. I have always recommended PowerShell peeps to use SQLPS Module which was introducted in SQL 2012 and still maintained today. The main reason that this has been my recommendation is that the SQLPS utility loads a PowerShell v2 shell and because I often use cmdlets other than just the SQL ones in my scripts I find it more efficient to develop for the latest release.


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