Friday, June 5, 2015

SCOM: Fixing a blank report list in Ops Mgr Console

Something I came across in SCOM 2012 R2 is that when users try and view Reports from the OpsMgr console wunderbar they could receive a blank list.

Possible Cause #1 - Incorrect SSRS file system permissions
One thing that can impact this is incorrect file system permissions on the SSRS installation location.

1. On the server where the SSRS instance is installed, navigate to the SSRS install folder. Depending on your environment this could be the default of the following or a custom drive:

C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSRS.\Reporting Services

Where is the numerical version of SQL (e.g. 11) and is the instance name. Such as \MSRS11.MSSQLSERVER\Reporting Services

In my lab I customised this to the root of a partition like:
D:\MSRS11.MSSQLSERVER\Reporting Services

2. Open the properties of /ReportManager and /ReportServer separately

3. Ensure that a group which would contain the Windows Accounts of the users trying to access the reports has Read & Execute permissions to the relevant folders.

This is from my lab where it is the default, you may choose to secure this back to a group(s) containing just the users granted rights to your reports but you need to ensure these permissions exist.

Possible Cause #2 - Corrupted identities
If you face this issue are you find that some users, or even just the SCOM Administrator, can access the reports but others cannot. This could be following a restore of the "Reporting" component or even a restore/migration/upgrade of the whole SCOM environment.

The key to understand the cause of this is to look at how both SCOM and SSRS configure security.

First access the Administrator section from the OpsMgr Console wunderbar, and view the User Roles. Open the properties of the Report Operator User Role which contains the users who receive a blank list. Click on the Identity tab.

Take note of the ID which is displayed. Copy this to the clipboard.... you will need it ;)

Now navigate to your Report Server url (e.g. http://localhost/Reports).
Click on the Folder Settings button from the home screen.

Here you will be shown the security of the reports. Check if the ID from earlier is shown, chances are your list will contain a different set of IDs.

IMPORTANT: Do not remove any role assignments

Click the "New Role Assignment" button.

Enter the ID into the "Group of user name" and select Browser, My Reports, and Report Builder roles.

Click OK

The security assignments should now contain the ID of your User Role from OpsMgr.

Now if you have your user refresh the Reports in Ops Mgr Console they should have access to the reports. At least that was the solution I found in my lab.

If you find other causes let me know :)

Reference articles/blogs:
Here are some other articles I have since found which provide troubleshooting guidance on this topic as well for your reference.

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