Thursday, October 29, 2015

Latest SSMS stream lines the process for adding Azure Firewall Rules at connection

If you haven't heard, Microsoft have broken the release of SQL Management Studio away from the main product. While at this stage it is continuing to be released at the same cadence as the SQL 2016 CTP 2 cycle (e.g. Monthly) the updates are targeting features for existing releases, Azure SQL, and of cause SQL 2016. You can get the latest release @

I have been working on a project of late with an Azure SQL DB back-end and one thing that has always frustrated me given my role keeps me out in the field is that I am constantly having to log into the portal and update the firewall rules....... Well the latest release of SSMS makes this process much easier.

Now when you try and connect to an Azure SQL Server and a firewall rule on the server blocks your connection, you are no longer prompted with the message informing you that the client is not allowed to connect. Now you are prompted with a dialog asking you to log into Azure and create a firewall rule. It even populates the client IP Address for you and suggests an IP range.

One you authenticate, select the appropriate option for the Firewall Rule (e.g. static or IP range). Click OK and SSMS will place a call to the Azure web services to add the firewall rule.

Once the rule is added, the authentication process continues which is a nice touch because I was half expecting to be prompted to log in again.

 Obviously for this to work the user then needs the required permissions on the subscription

This is a great example of how the team is actively working on improving the toolsets and responding to feedback so make sure you keep the connect items rolling in.

In other news, I am presenting with a colleague at MS Ignite Australia next month on some of the new toolset features in SQL 2016. If your attending make sure you attend and come say hi as I will be around the Data Den and Exhibition hall throughout the event.

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